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When I subscribe to a site what will appear on my credit card statement?
Is it true that only banks see my credit card details and adult webmasters never even see them?
Is it true that I can get inside the 'pay for' adult porn websites without giving out my credit card details, just by telling my modem to connect to a different telephone number?
How can I hide web addresses I have visited from my family, boss or partner?
How can I stop adult porn sites I visit from opening new browser windows when I close the original one down?
Can I pay by check to subscribe to a porn site?

Can I access porn sites without a credit card?

Article by: D WhatPorn

Paying with an online check

If you are based in the USA or Canada you can pay by online check to join most adult sites.
Click here to read our article about paying for Adult sites with a Check.

Paying via your Telephone
You access adult sites using just your phone line. You pay only for the time you actually use viewing an adult site rather than paying a monthly subscription and are available for most countries not just the USA and Canada. It works by connecting your modem directly to the porn site you are interested in, so no passwords are needed. To sign up via phone choose the site you are interested in from our review section then click on the join button. You should then see a link that looks something like: "No Credit Card? Click here" or it might be a picture that looks something like this:

But I connect via cable, LAN, WEBTV or DSL - can it still work?
Yes - you should still click on the buttons as shown above then you will be presented with an option that looks something like this:

Simply click on the Cable/DSL LAN or WEBTV button and follow the instructions.

It is usually much better value to buy a trial subscription.

Have fun!